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Thinking about gutter cleaning? Go with the pros!

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Keeping your gutters clean can save you in the long run.

According to Insurance Journal, water damage is one of the costliest insurance claims a homeowner can make. Without diverting rain and melting snow away from your foundation using a gutter system, your home could be at risk of basement leaks and structural instability due to the erosion of soil. 

This is where gutters come into play. By channeling these powerful surges away from your house, water can easily be absorbed into designated areas of your lawn. 

Problem solved right? Not so fast…

Depending on the location of your home, gutter cleaning will need to be conducted throughout the year.  Leaves and debris will gather over time, eventually causing your gutters to clog and prevent them from serving their purpose.

Many homeowners think it’s easy enough to hop on a ladder and clean their gutters themselves. But when you consider the time, risks of damage and even injury; going with a professional is definitely the answer.

It’s cheaper than the alternative

Pricing for gutter cleaning depends on many factors: the size/height of your house, condition of your gutters and how long it has been since they were previously cleaned.

If you neglect cleaning your gutters and a clog occurs, rainwater will remain stagnant and sit against the roof. Over time, this will lead to rot and eventually allow water to seep into your attic. Additionally, the excess weight could lead to the entire gutter system tearing from the side of your home. Both of these factors will lead to costs quickly escalating well into the thousands of dollars.

The key is to consistently keep up with your gutter maintenance on a routine basis. 

It’s less risky

Let’s face it, most people are not very comfortable on a ladder at extreme heights.  Propping your ladder on the wrong spot can lead to damaging your gutter or even worse, taking a nasty fall.  These are two dangers that are simply not worth it.  Using an insured professional will save you a lot of hassle, while also minimizing the risk of costly injuries or damage. 

The value is there

Have you ever taken on a project and realized that it would have been easier, cheaper, and overall better quality if you simply hired someone to do it instead?  Whether it is having specialized tools for the job, industry know how, or running into much higher unforeseen expenses, for some tasks it simply makes more sense to go with the pros!

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