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How often should I clean my carpets?

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Curious on how often you should maintain your carpets and rugs? Luckily the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification has provided us with a handy guide. Before we present their guidance, lets take a look at some additional factors to consider that are not including in their chart.


Folks with allergies will be the first to let you know that keeping things clean and allergen free around the house will significantly improve quality of life. If you have anyone in your home with severe allergies, regular thorough cleanings may be needed in order to prevent allergens from being kicked up into the air. Also be mindful of the type of vacuum that you purchase as well as your home’s air filters.

Young Children and Babies

Young ones create two considerations. First, your children, especially younger ones, tend to spend a lot of time on the floor. As such you should keep their play areas as clean as possible. Simultaneously they are often the blame for a lot of messes. Have a full house of young ones? Time to invest in regular cleanings!

Warranties and Agreements

If you’ve purchased a new carpet, it likely comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Check the fine print, that warranty usually states that regular cleanings are required by a cleaning professional at least annually. Also you will want to make sure you keep any receipts as they may be request if you ever need to utilize your warranty.

Something else to keep in mind, if you are a renter or a rental property owner. Cleanings may be included as a part of your lease or lease exit included in the rental agreement. Carpet condition in many states will determine how much a renter vs a landlord may owe if a carpet needs to be replaced between tenants.


If you allow shoes in carpet areas, plan for more frequent maintenance. Shoes track in dirt, allergens and other particles from outdoors. Those shoe wearers with some drag in their gait will also wear out your carpet fibers much quicker than anticipated. The more shoe wearers in the home, the more maintenance required!


Owner VacuumsProfessional CleaningRestorative
Light Soil1x per weekEvery 12 to 18 monthsEvery 2 years
Normal (families with children)1 to 2x per weekEvery 6 to 12 monthsAnnually
Heavy (families with pets, smoking)2 to 4x per weekEvery 3 to 6 monthsSemi-Annually
Extreme (large families, multiple petsDailyEvery 2 to 3 monthsQuarterly

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